September 29, from  19:00 to 20:45 OBA Oosterdoc, Oba Café

Also this year the Litouws Cultureel Centrum will be a part of the Speak-dating event, organised by EUNIC Netherlands and the European Commission. This event will take place in the cosy OBA café of The Public library of Amsterdam (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam). Native speakers of European languages prepare simple face-to-face sessions for attendees, introducing fun idioms or simple phrases, all contributing to give an insight into European cultural and linguistic diversity. Would you like to try out a new language and prepare for your next holiday by learning some phrases? Short one-on-one lessons with native speakers in a variety of European Languages will include a.a. Lithuanian, German, French, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Slovenian and even Dutch Sign Language (NGT). Lithuanian native speaker will welcome you too. Take your mobile phone with you, open a Google translate programme and join us at our table, marked by the Lithuanian flag. We will practice Lithuanian with you, will give you some usefull tips of how to start a friendly conversation in Lithuanian and how to say your name. Yes, your name sounds different in Lithuanian!

Grab your chance and come join our ‘speak-dating’ event!

The annual European Day of Languages celebrates Europe’s enormous linguistic diversity, in relation to both national and regional languages, helping to stimulate an awareness of the importance of learning languages both inside and outside academic environments.

Organised by: EUNIC Netherlands, as cooperation of European cultural institutes, the European Commission and the OBA.

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